Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guidelines for Application Form SPA8i

SPA8i application form is in the government establishment which replaces the use of form SPA8 distributed manually before. Starting in 2009, prospective candidates who wish to apply for various positions in the government need not wait until the release of ads in major newspapers chest but can fill in online throughout the year.

Here's a guide to prospective candidates who are keen to fill SPA8i (available on the website Public Service here):

1. Form as the official form, all the information required by the applicant shall correct the information information only and those who submit false and misleading information will be blacklisted, but can be taken legal action.

2. Each applicant may request up to a maximum of five positions in only one application form. Application (the completed) will be processed in a computerized and a letter (called a Letter of Registration) will be issued after completion of the application process. Candidates who apply online can check their registration status after 3 working days (with no insert. IC).

3. Each application must be made based on the highest academic qualifications of the applicant (either a Bachelor / Master / PhD Degree & Diploma or Degree & STPM, Diploma / Certificate, STPM / HSC, SPM / PMR / Partial Medical or office / KPSL. Each category has different eligibility and come to form their own form.

4. Further information on the major centers such as interviews, state place of birth, marital status, ethnicity and postal address must be completed.

5. If successfully called for the qualifying examination and interview as the next, you will be contacted by the SPA to attend the examination or interview as required. Bring all necessary documents when attending the examination / interview to avoid being blocked to continue the examination / interview.

6. Applicant candidates conduct up to 1 year after registration. If the applicant fails to receive feedback or not successful in the application process, they can register again and repeat the application process online at the SPA website. This means that applicants need only submit the application only once within one year. In interviews, you also need to take a picture resume for that purpose.

7. Examination syllabus is relevant and depending on the position applied for by the candidate. Prospective candidates should prepare accordingly before attending to increase opportunities for candidates to qualify and pass the next level.

If applicants have doubts and need help, they can contact the PSC via e-form questions provided in the portal SPA.

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